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Omega 365

World's First Omega

Created using Nano-Technology for ultimate absorption & benefit

Heart Functions

Starting at the core, a Healthy heart means a Healthy body.

Omega-3 nourishes and aids strong heart & cardiovascular functions.

Brain Powers
Omegas have been well known for centuries to be a great nutrient to aid memory, focus, and clarity.
Immune Support
Containing EPA & DHA leads to activation and maintenance of cells from both the innate and adaptive immune systems resulting in a healthy mind and body.


Omega 365

Specially Formulated

Packed with vitamins & nutrients for Thicker, Denser, Fuller hair

Anti-Loss Effect
Containing herbal extracts that act naturally as a DHT-Blocker, Hairvita helps to stop the root causes of hair loss, splitting and shedding.
Hair Growth Support
Starting at the root of the follicle, feeding the hair with nutrients and vitamins that makes a real difference resulting in a faster, thicker, visible hair growth.
Anti-Oxidant Functions
Containing Vitamin E and Zinc, Hairvita helps support a healthy scalp and hair by acting as a natural antioxidant reducing follicle stress and break down.


Omega 365

Discover The Difference

Triple Action Formula for better, healthier, stronger joints

Joint Support
Specially created for joints, Flexmax is a patented award-winning formula that helps eliminate joint pain and aches, promotes mobility and easy movement.
Flexibility Made Simple
Containing key ingredients working on your joints inside and out. Turmeric eliminates inflammations reducing pain, MSM, Glucosamine & Chondroitin rebuild, restore and rejuvinate joint ligaments and cartilage.
Move & Exercise Freely
Providing the lubrication your joints need, you will notice a change in your joints in as fast as 7 days!.


Omega 365

Specially Formulated

Fruits & Roots for stronger immunity, energy & digestion

Immunity Boost
Focusing on a healthier you, Multivita works on enhancing your overall health by providing all the nutrients and vitamins for ultimate protection and maintenance. Eliminating deficiencies, improving energy, immunity, skin health, gut health, metabolism, and so much more!
Energy & Stamina Support
Low vitamins and minerals could lead to feeling fatigue and weak, Multivita works on raising and maintaining your energy and stamina levels so you can go that extra mile!
Digestion & Gut Health
Bad digestions always leave you feeling sluggish, bloated and uncomfortable. with the help of the natural organic herbs and extracts in Multivita's research backed formula, it aids the body maintain easy digestion, cleaner gut and better mood.

Real results lead

to happy customers.


Made in the USA, Natural and Organic products at the right price that simply work, Love Artizia Vitalabs!

- Megan R.

Flexmax has truly made a difference on the way my joints feel and the way i move, i also tried omega and multivita. the quality, taste, and effect is far superior than other brands.

- Bryan M.

A Defenite recommendation from me as a nutritionist, pure quality ingredients, herbs, extracts and nutrients that your body simply feel working and making a real difference.

- Doug H.

Omega365 was my first purchase, came very fast in the mail, the packaging and quality is impressive! now i tell all my friends and family about AV Supplements and their great bundles.

- Nancy E.

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